Pioneers-Festival: Starke finnische Präsenz

Am 24.5. und 25.5.2016 fand in Wien wieder diese international anerkannte Netzwerkveranstaltung statt. In der Wiener Hofburg trafen sich rund 500 heimische Start-ups mit 300 Investoren und zahlreichen Firmen zum Pioneers-Festival. Insgesamt waren 2.500 Gäste erwartet. Mit dabei waren auch innovative Startups aus Finnland. Eine Auflistung dieser jungen Firmen finden Sie hier:


HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd

We have built negative pressure therapeutic device, known with two brands: PhysioTouch and LymphaTouch. The device activates lymphatic system and stretches fascia, thereby reducing swelling, helping scar release, and improving wound healing. Key target market is lymphedema patients. Lymphedema is a chronic, non-curable swelling that is caused by damaged lymphatic system. It is a common illness resulting from cancer treatments when lymphatic systems is damaged during radiation and surgery or when lymph nodes are removed. LE&RN estimates that USA has 10M lymphedema patients. We have over 400 customers in more than 20 countries. Key customers include Johns Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Cedars Sinai, and University of Michigan.

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We provide the world with real-time access to imagery without the limits of standard optical sensors.

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We have combined the best test automation framework ever created with powerful analytic software into a one solution that not only tests and breaks your embedded devices but also tells you why they are flawed. Our solution both accelerates development and yields better quality products.

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720 Degrees

Automating corporate real estate & facility management at enterprises such as GE Healthcare, Nokia, Danske Bank to provide occupants with optimal productive working environments through monitoring & analytics. Finland’s ‚Best IoT Startup 2016‘

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We make elective high school courses in robotics & electronics and programming & visual arts. The courses last 7 weeks and we have a real instructor at the school present. We also do youth events – the latest at and our local Museum of Modern Art!

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Playfield is where people who care about games go every day to discover and connect with great games, content and people

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Paptic Ltd

PAPTIC is a novel wood-fibre material combining recyclability and renewability of paper with resource efficiency and usability of plastics. In short lifecycle products, plastic bags, renewable material innovations are desperately needed. PAPTIC is strong, stylish and reusable bag.

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Futurefly is launching a new cool messenger app in mid-April 2016. Through beautiful, game like, 3D avatars and animations your text and emojis come to live. If emojis and animated stickers were a small step towards more emotions and fun in messaging, then our app is taking a huge step forward.

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Rategia Ltd

Miils service 1) helps people understand, plan and order healthy meals suitable for them and their conditions 2) provides APIs to other service providers (e.g. food blogs, recipe sites, retail and grocery chains and stores, sport applications, etc) and help them to serve their customers with better information with regards to nutrition, and 3) provides a tool for nutritionists and medical centers to serve their customers better in giving dietary advice.

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LATO Leadership Automation Tools ltd

LATO Strategy Tool is a simple and easy-to-use web and mobile tool to translate strategic plans into actions and results.

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The Button Corporation

With bttn you can turn any product or service into an on-demand one. The smart IoT button has it´s intelligence in the cloud. It does not require any instructions, it´s that simple and intuitive.

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Work Ahead

We survey working conditions directly from employees and benchmark them against minimum international labour standards. We help businesses to comply with laws, protect their band, and meet the increasing ethical and sustainability requirements from customers. The data is designed for sharing across the supply chain, providing companies with new transparency. We’ve been selected to take part in Start-Up Chile accelerator from July, where we’ll develop the service particularly for emerging markets.

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MeBeGood is a mobile phone app, which disrupts the way brand marketing is used in sponsoring. Brands get 2-way access to users and their social media networks. For the users, the app offers social gaming to help them achieve their wellness goals while raising funds for good causes

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InvestorEye Ltd.

InvestorEye is a platform to ease companies‘ investor relations communications towards the retail investors. We provide the platform that supports the interactive communication between company and investors, in order to give the companies a stage to present themselves and their visions for the future. And for the investors, we want to provide a place they can collect meaningful and accurate information directly from the companies, in order to do better investments.

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The Myontec innovation Mbody (protected by strong patents and long term Know How) enable, for the very first time, to monitor our muscle activity at all times, out in the field, creating a wide range of potential applications with real time guidance. Product consists of Mbody smart shorts, MCell module and mobile apps (Android and iOS). B2B customers are using also PC software, Muscle Monitor for detailed analyses.

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