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Project Description

axnix advanced relations

Johannes Axnix

Johannes Axnix

Customer relations straight to the point

The internet is responsible for a changed inclination to buy goods and products. Insensibility to perception caused by the flooding with commercials. Decreasing loyalty to brands. Exchangeable products. Increasing downward pressure of prices.

We have learned: Oversupply, on the one hand, individualized customer habits, on the other hand, have created a difficult task to attract attention and to preserve interest. Traditional forms of communication are no longer sufficient.

Therefore we connect our traditionally proved worth with the best possible facilities of new developments. A concentration of area covering and individual communication – in this way we produce curiosity and demand for our customers, their products, and services. This fact will consequently result in more professional contacts, increasing frequency at the sales centers and faster sales success.

axnix advanced relations: We are the experts who concentrate your customer relations exactly to the point.

Johannes Axnix
Albertgasse 35, 1080 Wien