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Planmeca Oy

Planmeca Group – Better care through innovation

Planmeca Group has stayed on the cutting-edge of health care technology for more than 47 years. The company was founded in Finland in 1971 by Heikki Kyöstilä, who is still the President and owner of the company. Our strong commitment to R&D and close collaboration with health care professionals and leading universities are behind the success of our innovations. In the era of digital imaging, our imaging software and digital solutions have been leading the way. Superior image quality, low patient dose and ease-of-use are the most important guidelines of our product development.

Gerald Gröhsenbrunner, Polar

Frau Katerina Orochanec, Area Export Manager

  • Products distributed in over 120 countries
  • Turnover in 2016 MEUR 730
  • Employs 2,700 people worldwide
  • Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, where Planmeca dental units, Planmeca & Planmed world-class 2D and 3D X-rays,  mammography, as well as comprehensive CAD/CAM  and software solutions are also designed and manufactured
  • 98% of products exported around the world
  • Consists of Planmeca Oy, Planmed Oy, Plandent Division, LM-Instruments Oy, E4D Technologies, Nordic Institute of Dental Education Oy
Planmeca Oy
Asentajankatu 6, 00880 Helsinki, Finland
Katerina Orovchanec, Area Export Manager
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