Interview: Robert Kaup, CEO TietoEVRY

– The Corporation has recently changed its name to TietoEVRY. How did this come about? What will be different?

Tieto and EVRY are long-established digital services companies, both of which have their origins in the Nordic countries – Tieto in Finland, EVRY in Norway. Both companies share a similar corporate culture and values such as openness, diversity, sustainability and innovation. They also overlapped strongly in terms of content – but hardly in terms of regional presence, especially outside the Nordic countries. This is precisely where a great potential was identified, as customers now benefit both from bundled know-how, synergy effects and a larger number of experts, as well as from a geographically denser and more solid network of local presences. An example of this is the increased capacity provided by nearshore centres, which now enable our customers to realise even large and complex projects more economically and efficiently than before.  

– How important is the company in Austria? How is the customer segment divided up? Where is there future potential?

The Austrian branch has been making a solid, economic contribution to the overall performance of the corporation for 15 years, and the three Austrian locations in Vienna, Linz and Graz are attracting more and more employees – this year we will probably break the 200-person mark. In addition, we have top-class experts in the Austria team who are valued in the cross-border development of digitalization innovations. This gives us a high reputation within the Group. 

In Austria we serve a number of customer segments – in terms of industries, we provide digitalization expertise at the highest level, especially in the manufacturing and process industries, the public sector, the telecommunications and financial services sector and the energy industry. In these areas, we maintain long-term partnerships with renowned customers such as A1, ASFINAG, BAWAG P.S.K. and Mondi.

We recognize a number of potentials in the field of digitalization. This includes the outsourcing of application management, including trend movements such as DevOps and automation. Data management and transformation to cloud solutions is a massive topic that will leave practically no one untouched. Usability and successful customer experience also holds great potential for practically all players in the market – if only because of the constantly increasing demands of users and users, also in the B2B environment.

– What specific products and solutions does TietoEVRY offer? Special recent highlights? 

As a  SAP consulting company that adapts flexibly to individual customer needs and situations, we see the great need for professional support in this area for numerous companies; not least because of the next generation, SAP S/4HANA. Our Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches accompany companies on their way to the actual establishment of agile organizations. As an (integration) partner of major manufacturer brands, TietoEVRY makes the successful roll-out of solutions possible – I can mention Microsoft Azure as well as Office 365, Salesforce and major customer experience providers such as Genesys as examples. Last but not least, we supply dedicated solutions for industrial customers, sometimes in the IoT and mixed reality sectors.

– Keyword digital transformation: What trends and developments do you see in general? What are the short-term and medium-term corporate strategies? 

One particularly challenging development comes to mind spontaneously: the shortage of skilled IT personnel. It will continue to make it necessary for employers to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved by means of a modern, agile organizational form that is actually lived, such as the one we have at TietoEVRY. It implies autonomy, meaning and purpose in the daily activities of each member of the company and the creation of an environment that fosters personal growth. What are the companies’ strategies here? I think that many have already recognized the need to become better in this area. Sooner rather than later, time will tell who will win the race for the best professionals.

– You are often in Finland for professional reasons: What positive aspects do you see in the economic relations and cooperation opportunities with Austria? 

Especially regarding the Finnish mentality, I notice various similarities that make the cooperation very uncomplicated and efficient. Like most Austrians, the Finns are very friendly, but not inordinately cordial – authentic, which is something I appreciate very much as an Austrian. In a business sense, I experience the Finns as determined, result-oriented, quality-conscious and service-oriented and – not only for this reason – I enjoy working with them. TietoEVRY is proud of its Nordic roots, among other things because this has allowed us to anchor a natural understanding of innovation in our corporate DNA. Finland is often a pioneer and role model when it comes to technology and digitalization. In my eyes, this is more than just image. 

 About the company

TietoEVRY Austria

As the Austrian subsidiary of the largest Northern European IT service provider TietoEVRY, TietoEVRY Austria combines global resources – consisting of 24,000 employees worldwide – with a local presence through some 200 experts. In addition to its expertise in digitalization, TietoEVRY Austria, itself living an agile organization model, stands out from other IT service providers through its high level of expertise in consulting on organizational development in the course of digital transformation processes. The digitalization expert’s vision is a world in which organizations and their stakeholders make meaningful use of the benefits of digitalization. TietoEVRY’s customers are private and public sector organizations that provide valuable services to a wide range of businesses, consumers and citizens.

About us – Robert Kaup

Robert Kaup, born in Vienna, took over the management of TietoEVRY Austria in May 2019. The experienced digitalization professional has been working in international functions for the IT service provider for 14 years, until he took over the role of Managing Director of the Austria branch after the role of Head of SAP Enterprise Applications at TietoEVRY. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the IT industry. 

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